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Hello, fellow Porlanders and visitors alike!  Tim & Sons Locksmith Services aka Locksmith Portland OR has been locally run by the Garland family for over two decades.  Our family came to Oregon from Utah in the 1800s, and we have always had a sense of entrepreneurship, even before establishing Locksmith Portland OR.

Tim & Sons Portland Locksmith services specialize in industrial, automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith jobs, ranging from lockouts and key replacement to comprehensive lock rekey, ignition replacement, and garage door repair!  Check out Locksmith Portland OR on Google Businesses!

Tim and Sons Portland Locksmith services operates every day of year, despite the day of the week, holiday, or weather.  We are also a 24 hour company, meaning night owl services to any Portlanders in need!

Automotive Services | Portland Locksmith

Tim & Sons Portland Locksmith Services boasts a skilled automotive locksmith team.  Our technicians are fully certified to work on automobiles in the state of Oregon.  Are you locked out of your car, and do not have time to track down that spare key?  Tim & Sons Portland Locksmith Services can have a technician to your location in less than half an hour!  Why wait any longer?  The rest of your day is just as important as ours, and we will do what we can to make sure you get back into your vehicle as soon as possible.

Our automotive team specializes in car key replacement as well.  Car key replacement/duplication can be somewhat tricky until our locksmith gets on site and knows exactly what he is doing.  Typically, replacing a high security/transponder key can take days and cost a fortune at your car dealership.  However, we can do it much quicker and definitely much cheaper.

Are you having ignition problems?  Did you break off the key in the ignition.  Perhaps, it is simply jammed.  Trust Tim and Sons Locksmith Portland OR to take care of your car problems in no time at all.  Give us a call today at (503) 379-9622 to find out why the people of Portland, OR have been trusting Tim & Sons Locksmith Portland OR with all of their automotive locksmith needs.

Commercial Services | Locksmith Portland OR

As with our automotive team, our commercial team specializes in lockouts and business key replacement/duplication; however, they have the necessary skills to take the security of your business to the next level!

Do you stress over the safety of your property and assets?  When was the last time you had a professional lock and key technician systematically investigate the security of your business?  Do you have proper commercial-grade locks keeping you safe?

Now is the time to take advantage of Tim & Sons Portland Locksmith Services.  We can fully inspect your business.  We can install panic bars on your doors (which is required by law in Oregon).  Do you want a master key system implemented?  We can do that as well.  Give us a call today at (503) 379-9622 to find out more about our commercial locksmith services in Portland, OR.

Residential Services | Locksmith 97233

Our priority at Tim & Sons Locksmith Portland OR is to ensure the safety of you and your family.  Our residential locksmith team has state of the art technology and brand name locks and equipment to guarantee the safety that each of our unique clients deserve.

We can optimize the security of your garage.  From reprogramming new key pads and remote openers to garage door repair, our garage door team can do it all.  Need to have the roller fixed so the door does not slant?  Perhaps, you want to upgrade to a more secure locking mechanism.  Whatever your garage door repair needs in Portland, OR may be, Tim & Sons Portland Locksmith Services can do it all.

As with our automotive and commercial teams, we can also replace and duplicate any residential keys that you need to have replaced.  Locked out of your home while your spouse is still at work.  No need to bother him or her, as Tim & Sons Locksmith Services can be at your house in less than thirty minutes!

Are you unsure if previous renter or past owner still has access to your home?  We specialize in lock replacement, repair, and rekey as well.  To have a technician replace the tumblers in your locks, give us a call at (503) 379-9622, and we can render all old keys ineffective without the hassle of replacing your locks.  Be sure to inquire about or deadbolt services as well!  Let us take care of all your residential lock and key needs today or make an appointment for a future date!  We can do it all in one day!

Locksmith Portland OR


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